Einstein – Simplicity

Albert Einstein“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”

– Albert Einstein

Note:  There is some dispute about whether Einstein actually wrote or said this.  Lord Rutherford of Nelson supposedly said something similar: “An alleged scientific discovery has no merit unless it can be explained to a barmaid.”

Author: Gordon Daugherty

Gordon Daugherty is a best-selling author, seasoned business executive, entrepreneur, startup advisor and investor. He has made more than 200 investments in early-stage companies and has been involved with raising more than $80 million in growth and venture capital. From his 28-year career in high tech, Gordon has both an IPO and a $200-million acquisition exit under his belt. Now, as co-founder and president of Austin’s Capital Factory and as author of the book “Startup Success”, Gordon spends 100 percent of his time educating, advising, and investing in startups.